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  Commercial Insurance  
  As a business owner, probably the last thing that you want to do is think about the unforeseen events that could wreak havoc with your company.  
  Personal Insurance  
  We can provide all types of personal insurance coverage no matter what your need. Our licensed and knowledgeable staff makes the process simple.  
  Life Insurance  
  When it comes to protecting you and your familys future, having a comprehensive health and life insurance plan can be critically important.  

health insurance

  Whether you're a three-person shop, a midsize company, or a growing business with unique insurance requirements,you can find insurance products.  

Referral Services


You know that word of mouth marketing works … most free lancers and small businesses can dramatically grow their client base, simply through casual referrals.

Taking it one step further, structured client referral programs are an excellent way to maximize something you probably already do to some extent in your business — provide excellent service and encourage your existing clients to pass your name onto their colleagues. Here is a way for you to refer & be referred just by listing your website and nature of business on our website for all clients and prospects to see.

Send us your info to info@kamkarinsurance.com

Commercial Liability, Property, Auto, Workers Comp., Home, Health, Life. 
Kamkar Insurance Agency Morris Kamkar Lic # 0744100,
1300 S. Santee St # 208 Los Angeles, CA 90015 Phone # 855-728-9467, Fax 213-743-0554
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